Computational Intelligence and Information Systems Labs

Is a new and paradigmatic research center that aims to be the reference in Computational Intelligence and related Information Systems. The team is mainly trained to perform that hard activity of adapting researching to industry requirements. There are three main subareas in CIIS:

  • Research Group: that performs mainly basic research, promotion and training.
  • Custom Group: performs applied and technological research in collaboration with the industry. It also provides consulting on start-up research groups and quality research performance.
  • Hobby Group: composed by many practitioners, graduated or not, that just want to meet and develop something new and crazy.

Many of the members of this lab have experience working in a research lab and decided to join this CI2S Labs as an initiative to develop a unique and independent research and applied science center.

All prototypes, books, articles and papers are related to Computational Intelligence and advanced fields in robotics. If you are interested in researching in one of the topics Computational Intelligence, feel free to contact us and become a member of our Research Group.

Scientific Research is no longer a place isolated just for a few people. Technology has evolved so much that needs people who can bring science to the technology industry and make it work out of the box. This is the goal of the Custom Group.

This lab is intended for those who feel that researching is great and fun, people that feel that feel passion for pushing the limits of knowledge even further. If you feel like investing part of your free time searching for something new, you can contact us, and become a researcher, working in the Hobby Group.

Future is in our hands, lets go for it!

PhD. D. López De Luise

CI2S Labs Director