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Awards & Grants

NoticIEEEro R9 
To: Daniela López De Luise, CI2S Lab
Certificate of appreciation to Daniela López De Luise in recognition for her contributions to the IEEE Region 9 NoticIEEEro magazine during 2013-2014.
Monterrey. Mexico. March 2015
Salomon Herrera (NoticIEEEro Editor in Chief IEEE R9) and Norberto Lerendegui (Regional Director IEEE R9)

Project host: Daniela López De Luise, Universidad Autónoma de Entre Ríos
Project Title:KRONOS
Performance Period:4 April 2015 to 30 December 2017

IEEE Foundation Funds (
Award Number:#2013-096LMF
Project Title:MIDA
Performance Period:26 August 2013 to 30 September 2014